Brazil has gone through great changes in recent years, with political unrest, scandals and corruption just matters of course. By way of a troubled father-daughter relationship, we gain insight into their enormous differences and the generation gap that exists between them. Alvaro is an engineer who had his glory days during the time of the military dictatorship. His daughter, filmmaker Heloísa Passos, rebelled against the regime and continues to fight inequality. Looking back at old family footage, she seeks to get to know her father better. This leads to personal, temperamental and meaningful discussions between the two. Through their changing perspectives, we come to understand the complexity of their points of view. The intimate shots of the arguments in the living room, from which Passos’ mother is notably absent, offer a look into the family structure. A shared visit to the impressive constructions that her father helped engineer also exposes the political and economic structures of contemporary Brazil.

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